How Inbound Marketing Works

The First Law of Inbound Marketing—The Customer is In Charge

Customer behavior has evolved.  Today, your customer’s message to you is: “Engage me.  And while you’re at it, impress me”.  So what’s your response?  proSource can help.  We’ll provide you with inbound marketing tools and tactics to grab—and hold—your audience’s attention.  From there, converting your audience into leads, and leads into customers, is a whole lot easier.

With proSource’s inbound marketing platform, you’ll bring in clients through effective blogging, strategic search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and an intelligent use of social media (content provision, conversion metrics and key performance indicators), e-mail and mobile.  And once we help you engage your audience, our measurement mechanism will let you know exactly who they are, how they’re finding you, and how often.  Pushing a broad message using TV, radio, or newspaper advertising and the like creates the opposite result—you really don’t know who you’re reaching.  Or when.  Or how.


Compelling Content will Bring Customers to You

The foundation of proSource’s inbound marketing is delivery, through SEO, SEM, social media, e-mail and mobile.  But the active ingredient is what’s getting delivered—compelling content.  When you consistently create words and images that help your audience learn, and maybe laugh a little along the way toward reaching their goals, they’ll reward you first with their attention, and later with their loyalty.

proSource will combine your knowledge of your audience with our creativity to help you establish your message.  Then, we’ll use our data collection and analysis system to measure your message’s success, and continuously improve it.  The result will be a marketing strategy that keeps you connected with your audience, and motivates that audience to become customers.

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