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The outline below covers an integrated marketing campaign for garvey & garvey cpa accountants and business advisors. garvey & garvey llc CPAs and business advisors provide traditional accounting in a non-traditional way. They recently began a comprehensive integrated marketing campaign with proSource integrated marketing. The following case study highlights the full integrated marketing campaign for garvey & garvey llc which included initial strategy meetings, building of buyer personas, corporate identity collateral design and printing, versioned corporate brochures design and printing, generation of a comprehensive mailing list and a full direct mail campaign with seasonal adjustments, Google search and display advertising, blogs writing and posting, as well as a complete Inbound Marketing strategy.

Campaign Strategy
proSource met with the partners at our Cranberry Township, PA office. The goals of the campaign were to increase brand recognition and improve awareness and build the framework by which the company can create leads and convert them to customers. Through an initial client assessment, proSource was able to identify the buyer personas of their ideal garvey & garvey clients, along with understanding the competitive environment. We also conducted a brand audit that allowed us to better understand the current marketing communication efforts and its effect on their business. Finally, we were able to better understand their core business. A communications strategy plan was presented to the client after the initial assessment was made. This plan indicated the proposed strategy and timelines.

To continue to encourage prospects to go through the leads funnel, proSource was able to unveil a new website for garvey & garvey which helped to reinforce the new campaign message – ‘garvey & garvey handles the detail so you can focus on your core business.’ We built the website within a content management framework, thereby allowing the client the flexibility to make updates and changes to the site. We are now using Hubspot tools to nurture and grow qualified leads using the website blog as the basis. View new the garvey & garvey website

Blog Posts
In order to drive traffic to the website, we created a blog for garvey & garvey. The goal is to help the company appear on search engines due to the nature of the long-tailed key words we used. It also positions garvey & garvey as industry experts. These blogs are also distributed on the company Linkedin profile. View the new garvey & garvey Linkedin profile

Lumpy Mailer and Direct Mail Campaign
proSource created a Lumpy Mailer campaign to targeted members of the prospective market. We were able to focus on the value proposition ‘see the forest through the trees’ by creating and sending blocks of wood that showed annual rings (indicative of the maturity of a tree). Trees usually signify growth, presence and resilience. We compared that with the importance of growth and persistence to the survival of any business.

Google Search and Display Campaign
proSource then engaged in a series of Google search and display advertising, as well as a remarketing campaign to reinforce the messaging. The campaign’s focus was to continue to advance the superior search engine positioning we were able to acquire for the company. The search advertising focused primarily on the core areas of garvey & garvey’s business and continued to emphasize the value proposition.

Social Media
Social media is instrumental in getting attention through several different channels. We assisted garvey & garvey with the creation and maintenance of their Linkedin channel, and continue to post fresh content to the channel. This content discusses very important issues facing their clients. The most recent campaign push about understanding job costing involves an offer of a job costing worksheet that is driven through Inbound Marketing efforts. Twitter is also used to present blog posts that reinforce middle funnel offers of no-obligation analyses. Social media content has allowed garvey & garvey the unique opportunity to communicate directly with its target audience. garvey & garvey social media profile

Since the expansion of the campaign, and while we are awaiting the full results, the initial results and feedback are promising. garvey & garvey has been able to reach out with prospective clients via social media and is increasingly successful with building brand loyalty with current customers. The combination of the different forms of marketing media has helped strengthen the overall corporate brand. We are excited about the potential that this campaign will bring to expanding garvey & garvey’s client network.

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